Motor Bracket Holder for Boats Gumotex Baraka


Motor Bracket Holder for Boats Gumotex Baraka.doc
Motor Bracket Holder for Boats Gumotex Baraka
 Motor Bracket Holder for Boats Gumotex Baraka

 motor bracket is designed for use with electric outboard engine  with boat Gumotex Baraka. Warning: Gumotex Baraka boat is not certified for use with an engine. Using this engine in the ship's Gumotex Baraka is at operator own risk.

 Usage is simple: plug holder before full inflating the boat under the rear seat, so that the axis passes through the engine drain hole- (design your engine must be compatible, feasible - through the hole). Roll up sleeve drain hole -up to the boat. If you use a combustion engine, which has solved the engine cooling water overflow from the body of the engine, adjust the opening of the sleeve so that the water flows out into the sleeve hole or dissipate water using tubing connected to overflow out of the ship. After inflate of boat chambers the holder of the ship is safely established. On turnover, keep in mind that you go on a canoe. Radius turnaround shall conform to the current speed, load canoes, wind speed and direction. There is a tipping ship!

ATTENTION: constructions Baraka does not tilt the engine when driving through shallow. When insufficient water level, rocks can damage the engine.

■ Material: alloy, welded tubes, impregnated + laminated wood mirror
■ Maximum engine power: 2,6 HP
■ Maximum load: 18.5 kg